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Harav Moshe Rosenman

Rabbi Rosenman has been a first seder rebbi at Yeshiva Derech Chaim for over four decades, beginning with a handful of talmidim mere months after Yeshiva opened its doors. Throughout all the years, he was renowned for his ability to enliven the words of Gemara, Rashi and mefarshim. Not only did talmidim gain immense clarity, but they felt “a part of” what they learned and were encouraged to ask questions and come up with chiddushim.

Rabbi Rosenman recently retired from his position in Yeshiva. On behalf of his hundreds of talmidim, we would like to express our heartfelt hakoras hatov to Rabbi Rosenman for his inestimable role in Yeshiva’s hatzlacha. May Hashem grant him and his family great health, nachas, and hatzlacha in all their endeavors.